Cloud Systems
Leverage First, Build Second. The perfect team for the cloud
We're not in the business of charging you to reinvent the wheel. Whenever possible, we leverage existing technology to achieve must of what we're trying to do. Only then will we unleash our team of developers to perform programmatic task to round out the software to meet your businesses specific needs.
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Tecversal main focus is building custom software applications on any scale, from small consultations, to start to finish custom software projects that last for years and involve large teams of people. We provide software development, mentoring, project management and architectural know-how. We use a variety of tools and technologies such as .NET, Web, Mobile, Cloud, Services, various Databases, and more. We can help you build applications better and faster, and help you improve quality, maintainability and reduce your time to market, thus reducing the risks that are inherent in every software development project
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Dev Opps
Team Foundation Server (TFS) is more than just version control! We’ll start with version control and move on to cover TFS builds, project planning and tracking using TFS Work Items, Scrum & Agile Projects, QA testing and Virtual Lab Management using Microsoft Test Manager, Storyboarding with TFS & PowerPoint, and finally gathering and tracking customer feedback using Feedback Manager. Along the way, we’ll also discuss setup, the features of TFS Source Control (including branching & merging), and using Visual Studio & TFS to enforce code quality and manage code reviews. This course is typically 2 days but can be customized for individual customers to be as short as 0.5 days
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Project Analysis
Vision & scope workshops are the first step toward a successful software project. think of these workshops as brainstorming meetings during which all project stakeholders get together and discuss the overall vision for a project in order to determine the important aspects, boundary conditions, potential timeframe, priorities, wants versus needs, and just about anything else one can think of. this vision is then prioritized and split into multiple phases. key challenges are identified. existing staff and resource capabilities are analyzed. risks are analyzed. first steps are discussed. in short, everything that goes with a project is fair game! we assist in vision & scope workshops by adding our experience and expertise by bringing up key issues, helping to judge feasibility of certain aspects, and by suggesting technologies and techniques as well as appropriate approaches. we also use our experience earned from other projects to help judge effort levels and required skills. no project will ever include everything one can dream up in a vision & scope workshop, but the result will help to develop solid plan and realistic expectations in moving forward with a project, regardless of whether those next steps include tecversal, or whether a project is done in-house or with a different vendor.
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System Architecture
We can help you with your architecture. We have a lot of experience with various types of system architectures, and can help you to choose the correct one for your scenario. We make heavy investments in testing new software and technologies, while programs are still in their infancy so that we can then advise you based on extensive real-world experience.
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Web Applications
The Web is the most popular and most far-reaching application platform today, enabling a plethora of interactive scenarios, from eCommerce, to business applications and social networks. Web Applications are built on a variety of standards and technologies (such as HTTP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS,...) and are based on a large number of various server technologies, and we can assist you with many of these technologies including Microsoft's ASP.NET - both in MVC and WebForms.

We offer services for multiple web application development scenarios, from deployment in Internet data centers to the Cloud. We can provide an entire team including management, or provide a single expert that can solve a certain problem or advise you on specific needs in an engagement that could be as short as a few hours. We have the ability to adjust to our clients' needs, and due to our large network of experts (internal and external), we can provide the expert for any situation.
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