System Architecture

System Architecture
Possibly the most important aspect of any software project is Architecture. Architecture is much bigger than implementation, languages, specific patterns, database or techniques, or even choice of specific technologies. As long as your architecture is right, you should be able to switch these choices with little effort. Need to support mobile devices in addition to Windows and Web versions of your app? The right architecture will enable you to quickly adjusts your technologies! Architecture is longer lived than anything else in software, and architectural mistakes are among the most costly to make and one of the main reasons that software projects fail.

We can help you with your architecture. We have a lot of experience with various types of software architectures, and can help you to choose the correct one for your scenario. We make heavy investments in testing new software and technologies, while programs are still in their infancy so that we can then advise you based on extensive real-world experience.

Whatever you do in your software project, whatever technologies and platforms you choose, no matter what vendors or staff you go with, the first order of business has to be to get the architecture right. Failure to do so is costly! We can't tell you which mobile device platform will be the most important five years from now, or which database technology is going to be the best, but we can tell you how to architect your system to have the greatest chance to adapt most easily and flexibly (or whatever your primary goal may be).
Starting an Architecture Project
Architecture is generally not a project in itself; it is the starting point for a whole project or system. Many architecture sessions start with a short meeting or a Vision & Scope Workshop to determine the overall goals of the project, the size of the effort, and best approach. The Vision & Scope also includes an evaluation of resources that play an important role in not creating the right architecture, and creating it in a way that allows for productive development and a desirable rate of progress throughout the project. We then often move on toward creating key pieces of the architecture, which includes a Proof of Concept or Prototype phase. We also create documentation such as "developer guides" of "style guides" that enable all project members to function to the best of their ability. In many cases, we also perform training and mentoring sessions to ensure that everyone on the project is up to speed.
Project Life-cycle and Development Approach
Initial Architecture sessions are usually relatively small. They are not overly large in terms of time frame, nor are they very large in terms of the number of people involved. Architecture is not labor intensive, it is knowledge intensive! The phase of the project during which big architectural decisions are made usually consists of a number of meetings, the creation of documentation, diagrams, and even prototypes or similar small development tasks. Usually this happens in a series of meetings with specific goals being defined for the next meetings. Note that architecture is not something that is just done at the start of a project and then never revisited, instead, architecture is an ongoing process, although the many critical architectural decisions are made early in the development phase, however often the the key is to delay the decision until just in time for development, and this is where we can help you the most!
How to Purchase Service
Our Services are typically billed on a time and material basis. We will give you an estimate up-front, but we do need to talk with you about your specific requirements before we can give you an estimate. Please contact us for your free consultation and estimate. We offer our services in a variety of ways to meet every possible need. Options range from plain time and materials setups, to hourly blocks and montly service contracts, and sometimes even fixed price setups (especially for mobile "apps"). Contact us for more information and for a Schedule of Fees. Please call us for a free consultation so we can help you decide on what services you will require.

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