Tecversal means quality
Tecversal main focus is building custom business software applications on any scale, from small consultations, to start to finish custom software projects that last for years and involve large teams of people. We provide software development, mentoring, project management and architectural know-how. We use a variety of tools and technologies such as .NET, Web, Mobile, Cloud, Services, various Databases, and more. We can help you build applications better and faster, and help you improve quality, maintainability and reduce your time to market, thus reducing the risks that are inherent in every software development project
Business Goals
Is Your IT Organization Meeting your Business Goals? As an IT leader you need to ensure you are meeting your performance, security and human resource requirements for your organization. Traversal's reviews and audits will give you peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to meet your business goals. The review you receive gives you a comprehensive report of areas for improvement in your current process. It also contains solid process improvement recommendations you can immediately put into practice within your organization. Tecversal can help you to implement these recommendations. Your Business Reviews Tecversal has a set of reviews to choose from to help your organization become the top performer you want.
  • Application Life-cycle Management (ALM)
  • Software Architecture
  • Application performance
  • SQL Server
How to Purchase Service
Our Services are typically billed on a time and material basis. We will give you an estimate up-front, but we do need to talk with you about your specific requirements before we can give you an estimate. Please contact us for your free consultation and estimate. We offer our services in a variety of ways to meet every possible need. Options range from plain time and materials setups, to hourly blocks and montly service contracts, and sometimes even fixed price setups (especially for mobile "apps"). Contact us for more information and for a Schedule of Fees. Please call us for a free consultation so we can help you decide on what services you will require.

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Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 9am - 4pm MST
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