Winning the Technology Trifecta: A Software Development Process that Succeeds at Quality, Timeliness and Cost

To compete in a volatile, global market, executives and business owners must find ways to strategize, optimize and leverage their technology in order to increase efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. The software infrastructure is the lifeline of any enterprise, large or small, and under-girds all business systems whether sales, accounting, customer service, or marketing. Survival and growth of a company rests on the bedrock of its software. It also can serve as the kinetic energy that catapults them to the top as leaders in their industry. This requires software that is rapidly produced, within budget, and of the highest quality. Until now, achieving all three goals within the software industry has never been fully realized because the other approaches have fallen short of meeting all aspects of the technology trifecta. DynafactorTM encapsulates the complexities inherent in the software development process and pulls them together into simplistic, yet highly malleable, building blocks. The result is software built with high quality code, in remarkably less time and with controlled cost. This white paper describes a code generation tool within the software development process called DynafactorTM - one that allows businesses to achieve the ultimate technology trifecta of quality, timeliness and cost.

Winning, whether in football or the market, requires ingenuity, talent, responsiveness and true grit. It is everything to anyone who wants to win the business game and when winning is everything, companies can’t afford to fall short in any one element of the technology trifecta. DynafactorTM is a game changer in today’s competitive playing field. Not only does it win the technology trifecta, but so do businesses, large or small. What DynafactorTM can do for a software project is unprecedented. DynafactorTM was built with the needs of a winning business in-mind. It addresses the age-old problem of managing cost, bouldering features, and responding in flash speed. Winning teams are always on the look-out for pushing the envelope on what it can do, not what it can’t do. DynafactorTM can do what every business needs it to do…help them to win the technology trifecta and ultimately win at efficiency, effectiveness and profitability - the ultimate enterprise trifecta. More on Winning the Technology Trifecta