Philip Nestingen

As an innovative architect and software developer for the past 25+ years, Philip has maintained a track record for successfully completing a wide variety of challenging projects. His style is to approach all tasks with inventiveness, ingenuity and passion to solve even the most challenging projects with the customer’s needs always on the forefront. He possess strong organizational, analytical and interpersonal skills with a flair for creating a positive work environment. One would describe Philip as a strategically persistent individual who rarely gives up and enjoy putting in a concentrated effort to overcome obstacles and solve difficult problems.

Aside from Philip technical expertise, his greatest strength is perhaps his people skills. His management experience proved to be vital in the creation of the SmartMove ERP system where he hired, trained, and managed a team of 5 developers as we worked to complete a full life-cycle project from conception to deployment. Philip is a team worker and team builder who believes in a collaborative management style which is based upon people, communications, support, creativity, commitment and energy. Philip places group needs and success before his own and values helping other people reach their goals. Philip's software developer experience for large to small companies has resulted in, creating a strong background in the entire software life-cycle. Philip's approach to software is Domain inclusive with his entrepreneurial mind set. Philip architectural approach to software design uses Design Patterns and SOLID coding technique to assure that he software is built with a robust architecture.

While the latest in the Microsoft software stack is always on his workbench, Philip has also work to not to fall into the trap of getting caught in the torrent of technology change and letting it get in the way of a winning business solution. He has been developing in C# since 2005, WPF for the past several years, ASP.net since its release in 2002, and VB for 20 years. Throughout the years and across all projects, he has been working WCF, MS SQL SSRS, SSIS, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, XML and AJAX. Careers 2.0 Profile

Carl Nestingen Carl brings over 20 years as a Database Architect with special expertise in data warehouse design and development, data server setup, database infrastructure design, and system management standards, security and recovery. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin at Madison and a Master’s degree in Software Engineering from the University of St. Thomas.