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Is three the magic number? 04/01/2017  

Frederic P. Brooks, Jr in “The Mythical Man-Month” describes how companies should plan to build their software over three time to get it right. The first is to figure out the real business problems. The second to fix what you got wrong the first time and the third to correct what you fix in round two but were right in round one. Sam Newman in his book “Microservices” talks about how it is better to build Microservices from a brown field monolithic application than starting out green field. Strangulating the monolithic means, you have already figure out many of the business problem Read More

Azure Logic Apps 11/04/2016  

Easy to crate I just create solution using Azure Logic Apps and it was so easy. The way Microsoft has provide application part to put together a complex workflow has unimaginable possibilities. At time you have to think a little creativity and out of the box but it does provide a vast array of possibilities! Read More

Would you hire a mechanic to perform a root canal? 10/20/2016  

Now doesn’t that sound like a crazy question? How about hiring your neighbor’s son to build an addition onto your house? Well, how is it that so many entrepreneurs take software advice from their design and marketing company or their accountants? They are either persuaded or think they can save a buck only to find themselves chained to an iron ball of software brimming with design problems and insurmountable issues! This is not a stretch of the imagination. I have attended seminars with a designer at the podium telling the audience that there is no need to hire a software develo Read More